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The failure of Syriza (and of the Left’s illusions)

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Syriza participated in the Greek elections of January 2015 as the „party of the radical left“ and as such it became elected. Now, one month after taking office and after endless negotiations with the European Union, there is not a single point in which this party hasn‘t failed or hasn‘t betrayed its goals and promises. The debt cut, which Syriza initially demanded, had been officially changed into „refinancing“, „payment extensions“ etc. already in early February. On Friday, 20th January, Syriza’s second key promise was also given up: the end of the Troika and the EU austerity dictates. In the negotiations, Syriza had conceded not to move back on any of the „reform measures“ dictated by the EU and implemented by the previous government, and furthermore not to take any steps which might run contrary to the Troika. In the list of its own „reform measures“, which Syriza had to submit to the EU on the 23.02.2015, the only remainder of its grandly announced social program is the handing out of food stamps.